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Art Post: Fanart for Mirabella's "Technically a Virtue. (NC-17, NWS)

Dedication: This is a fanart for the incredible Mirabella's amazing crackfic, Technically a Virtue. All of her writing, whatever the fandom, is very incredible and very much worth many a reread!!!

Title: Fanart for Mirabella's "Technically a Virtue"
Artist: red_rahl
Rating: NC-17, NWS!!!
Character(s)/Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Disclaimer: Inception belongs to Nolan, yo.
Contains: Winged!Eames, a firefly-filled forest, and sex.
Notes: Thanks to my dearest myrafur and to joosetta *flails at you* for the look over and feedback!
- And in the various fandoms I've been in *coughs*HP*coughs*, I've never drawn winged!porn, so there you go. Consequently, I really did reference swan wings for the picture. And I took way too long to figure out a good position so Arthur's head wouldn't be blocked by feathers. @_@
- Thank you, Mirabella, for writing such a thing!


Tags: author: red_rahl, authors: r, genre: crack, rating: nc-17, type: fanart
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