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dream a little bigger, darling
17th-Feb-2017 09:33 pm - Re: Vos Cerveaux?
Hey, does anyone know what happened to fermine's Arthur/Eames Hospital!AU Re: Vox Cerveaux?

The only thing I could find was this excerpt:

“He keeps sending me these looks, you know,” Robert protests, smoothing down his hair in the mirror he keeps behind his locker. “Yesterday in the cafeteria he gave me the last carrot muffin. And then he smiled at me, brilliantly. Dr. Saito is so dreamy, Arthur. If that doesn’t say I want to do you over the MRI machine then I don’t know what does.”

And of course, I remember Nash trying to woo Arthur with a bracelet from someone's colon, and Eames getting all jealous and slashing Nash's tires.

I would be grateful for any help!
1st-Feb-2017 06:04 pm - Inception Remix is live
Inception dream a little
i_remix is live and sign ups are open to authors who have written at least 2 complete Arthur/Eames fics over 100 words long.

Sign up and more here!
24th-Aug-2016 12:00 am - Imzy inception community!
everybody wants to be a cat
Hey, guys! How's it going!

I posted about this on Tumblr and in the Inception fandom slack chat but I just wanted to make sure I didn't leave out anyone on LJ!

There's been a recent push within fandom (especially LJ-based fandom communities, it seems) to explore the new social media platform Imzy as an upcoming alternative to Tumblr. It's small but very fandom-active so far, and the company seems really interested in working with the fandom community (ala Pinboard) to build the best platform possible, which is always nice to see.

Anyway, I made an Inception community this morning!


If you go and request to join the community I can approve your request shortly and you won't have to join the regular Imzy waitlist (while the site is in beta it's invite-only, like AO3).

So, anyway, just wanted to pimp that! I love this community and love that we are so committed to staying in touch with each other while still being so adventurous about trying new platforms and ways of participating!
16th-Jul-2016 05:28 pm - Fic: I can help you change your life
Inception Eames
Fic Title: I can help you change your life
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames, brief mention to past Arthur/OMC, brief Arthur/Fischer & Arthur/Eames/Fischer
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6370
Warnings: non con, dub con, mind control/brainwashing/hypnosis, rimming, dirty talk, barebacking, D/S dynamics. Please leave a comment if you believe anything should be added here.

Summary: Arthur is a hypnotist. Eames is the con man trying to swindle him. Eames ends up getting far more than he bargained for.

If you aren't a huge fan of dark fic, I'd recommend reading the warnings carefully.
Inspired by Inception Bingo prompt: sex under the influence
29th-Jun-2016 12:22 am - Fic: Wet
Inception dream a little
Fic Title: Wet
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2105
Warnings: rimming, dirty talk. Please leave a comment if you believe anything should be added here.

Summary: Arthur & Eames try rimming for the first time together. It doesn't go according to plan. Inspired by skipping_pledge's sexy art
7th-Mar-2016 06:35 pm - I should really start bookmarking...
Why is it that the best fics I read are the ones I can never find again :/. Anyways, I would really appreciate it if someone knows the name of the story where Arthur is a researcher and Eames is a robot, and the each year, machines get an update, which basically wipes away the original's memories.

I recall that Arthur had sent appeals, all of which were rejected and as a last resort, he and Eames use the PASIV to spend a couple months together.

Thanks + some chocolate chip cookies! :)
21st-Feb-2016 05:03 am - Fic: Tilt
Brian O'Conner, TFatF
Tilt (2520 words) by yoursecretbattle
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Inception (2010)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Arthur/Eames (Inception)
Characters: Arthur (Inception), Eames (Inception), Dom Cobb, Ariadne (Inception), Yusuf (Inception)
Additional Tags: Locked In, Community: trope_bingo

A blizzard hit, in the two hours they were under, which sent half the world’s water over in convenient snow-form, to cover the city. It’s going to take a while to free them, because most of the city is likely just as trapped as them.

18th-Feb-2016 01:29 am - Fic: My Funny Valentine
Inception dream a little
Fic Title: My Funny Valentine
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1900
Warnings: public sex/exhibitionism, dirty talk, rough sex, rope bondage, spanking, face-fucking, mild cross-dressing. Please leave a comment if you believe anything should be added here.

Summary: Arthur & Eames celebrate Valentine's Day together. Inspired by marourin's spectacular art
20th-Jan-2016 11:23 pm(no subject)
Title: The Great Miller Family Experiment
Author: SamanthaStephens
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: R
Word Count: 2,267 (chapter 1)
Summary: An Eames POV story in the Camp Evergreen series. Eames is on his way to meet Arthur's parents.

"What time do you parents get home?" he asks.
"What, tomorrow? They'll be there by the time you land."
"No today. I was wondering if I went to have an early supper now whether you'd be free to help me, um, fall asleep later?"
Arthur laughs.
"Always," he says. "Although I honestly don't think you actually need it."
"Perhaps not, but I do want it," Eames replies.

On AO3
3rd-Jan-2016 03:26 am - Fic: Moderately Sparkly
Inception Arthur smile
Fic Title: Moderately Sparkly
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 775
Warnings: None
Set in the Amuse-Bouche universe shortly after Arthur proposes in Lucky Socks.
Summary: It's hard, ring-shopping for Arthur.

Mal peers over his shoulder. "My, that is… rather large."
31st-Dec-2015 11:59 pm - Fic: Avoid the Pork
Inception Arthur smile
Fic Title: Avoid the Pork
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 885
Warnings: None

A bit of holiday fluff set in the Sex Bucketlist/There's got to be a morning after universe. Happy holidays and happy new year!

Summary: Tansy has a question for Eames on the nature of love.

"Hello, Eames," Tansy says when her face appears over Skype. "Thank you for finding a moment to speak with me."

"Yes, well, tis the season." Eames takes a sip of eggnog and grimaces; it tastes dreadful. But Arthur made it and now Eames feels foolishly compelled to finish the mug.
29th-Dec-2015 06:36 pm - Seeking help
I will be unable to access the internet for a complete month. Is there any place (e.g., mediafire, dropbox) where there is a mass list of fics I can just save to my iPad?

Any help would be great. Thanks!
5th-Dec-2015 10:22 am - GAH WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER IT
So the story I read years ago and just can't find is a crack hospital au where Arthur is a young surgeon, and Eames is already a well established doctor. Robert has a crush on Saito and there's something about Saito saving him the last muffin or somethinng. Anyways, Nash has a thing for Arthur (and wants to give Arthur a colonoscopy), and Eames gets super jealous and tries to slash Nash's tries.

Just looking at what is written above, I'm pretty sure that it is probably the most idiosyncratic plot, but it's still a fantastic story!
18th-Nov-2015 05:27 pm - Searching for limbo fic
Hello friends,

I am looking for a story called "Build God, Then We'll Talk" by smallacts/liketheroad.

Here is the premise: Arthur and Eames go into a dream to wake Mal and Dom up. They decide to stay instead. LIMBO!FIC (Arthur/Eames)/(Mal/Dom) (9,312 words) [Warning: discussion of miscarriage this is not a happy story.]
Quote: "Here we can be whatever we want."

On her LJ, smallacts said that everything had been moved to her AO3, but unfortunately I could not find that title. Just wondering if maybe it was grouped with another fic or two and had its name changed?
17th-Nov-2015 02:27 am - Fic: Man Overboard
Inception dream a little
Fic Title: Man Overboard
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2200
Warnings: Merman, rough sex, could be construed as dub-con, near drowning, violence. Please leave a comment if you believe anything should be added here.

Summary: After a job gone bad, Arthur's on the run. After being attacked on a ship, he encounters something unusual in the ocean.

Iinspired by marourin's spectacular art
23rd-Oct-2015 04:12 am - Fic: Changes
Inception Eames
Fic Title: Changes
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1500
Warnings: Selkies. Mpreg.

Summary: Sequel to Man vs Nature in which Eames is a selkie. As the warnings indicate, someone gets knocked up.

Iinspired by motetus' spectacular art
So I swore off my Arthur/Eames addiction for about a week but have since relapsed. I am looking for any fics where Arthur is insecure, and Eames takes care of him; particular, it would awesome if anyone had limbo recs where Arthur is trapped in limbo but doesn't want to leave, and Eames loves him so much, he stays too, throwing away his entire life for someone he loves.
Inception Arthur smile

Posting has begun at i_reversebang! Come check out all the wonderful Inception art and stories!
4th-Oct-2015 07:36 pm - Fic: Man versus Nature
Inception Eames
Fic Title: Man versus Nature
Author: bauble
Pairing(s): Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 4500
Warnings: Do not try this at home, kids. Cuddling dangerous wild animals is unlikely to lead to banging a hot dude. Selkies. Please leave a comment if you believe anything should be added here.

Summary: After the Inception job, Arthur goes on vacation in the Faroe Islands. He comes upon a walrus that may be more than it seems.

Written for i_reversebang & inspired by motetus' spectacular comic
4th-Oct-2015 05:18 pm - Searching for authors
Hello everyone!

So, I just got on the Inception bandwagon (haha, yes, I realize it's been 4 years already. I'm slow), and some people on Tumblr gave me an entire list of things I needed to read in order to become a "true" Arthur/Eames shipper. I've gotten through half of the list but have stumbled upon a problem. Maybe I'm just a total idiot, but I cannot for the life me find any fics by veritas-nescio, ffodder, skellerbvt (there's two on her ao3 but they weren't the one's rec'd), and nibblexmyxnaan. Have they all been deleted (please please no!) or are they all stored in some "secret" hidden web lair in which I need a passcode to access? :D
So basically, I read this fic a couple weeks ago, but cannot for the life of me find it now. It basically starts out with Eames and Arthur having a "thing" but Arthur is super sangfroid/unsappy about their relationship, so Eames goes under using the PASIV and meets his custom projection!Arthur, who is super slutty and willing to please Eames sexually. And while they're *hanging out*, Arthur comes into the dream and discovers them together. I'm not quite sure about the specifics of what happened next, but if anyone recognizes this story, I would be ecstatic!
26th-Sep-2015 09:16 am - Veritas Nescio's fics?
Hey, would anyone happen to have copies of veritas nescio's fics? I would love to read them, in particular
"personal eternity"
These bodies between us (25623 words) by Roxie Ann
Chapters: 3/3 Link to chapter 3
Fandom: Inception (2010)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Arthur/Eames (Inception)
Additional Tags: Dream Sex, fun with PASIVs, Porn with Feelings, where sometimes Eames forges a man, sometimes he's a woman, good times are had by all

The best thing about shapes is how they fit together.

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