kansouame (kansouame) wrote in eames_arthur,

Podfic - Tears by icesamzero

There are not many pieces of my work that I actually am happy with when I get through with a reading but this one may change my mind due to the lovely material I had to work with. The text by icesamzero is just an amazing flowing piece that it might as well have been written to be read aloud. It's beautiful. If you get a chance to heap some love on the author, please do.

Title: Tears
Author: icesamzero
Reader: kansouame
Fandom: Inception
Pairing: Arthur/Eames
Rating: R ish
File size/type: 5 MB, .mp3
Length: 5m:34s
Author's Summary: And Arthur. Arthur cries
Text version: Tears

Mediafire link for Tears
Tags: type: podfic
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