oedipusghost (oedipusghost) wrote in eames_arthur,

Searching for authors

Hello everyone!

So, I just got on the Inception bandwagon (haha, yes, I realize it's been 4 years already. I'm slow), and some people on Tumblr gave me an entire list of things I needed to read in order to become a "true" Arthur/Eames shipper. I've gotten through half of the list but have stumbled upon a problem. Maybe I'm just a total idiot, but I cannot for the life me find any fics by veritas-nescio, ffodder, skellerbvt (there's two on her ao3 but they weren't the one's rec'd), and nibblexmyxnaan. Have they all been deleted (please please no!) or are they all stored in some "secret" hidden web lair in which I need a passcode to access? :D
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