square11 (square11) wrote in eames_arthur,

Re: Vos Cerveaux?

Hey, does anyone know what happened to fermine's Arthur/Eames Hospital!AU Re: Vox Cerveaux?

The only thing I could find was this excerpt:

“He keeps sending me these looks, you know,” Robert protests, smoothing down his hair in the mirror he keeps behind his locker. “Yesterday in the cafeteria he gave me the last carrot muffin. And then he smiled at me, brilliantly. Dr. Saito is so dreamy, Arthur. If that doesn’t say I want to do you over the MRI machine then I don’t know what does.”

And of course, I remember Nash trying to woo Arthur with a bracelet from someone's colon, and Eames getting all jealous and slashing Nash's tires.

I would be grateful for any help!
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