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i still carry everything you've lost in me

Announcement: New Management & Tags!

Hello all! I am oceansex,


Ahem, sorry about the sparkle text. I'm just a little ~excited~. The lovely maintainer owe has allowed me to moderate in her place, and my first mission for this comm: TAGS!

I know several people, including myself, have wanted them, and I've added the bare minimum (ratings, type of submission, authors) using the deancastiel system as a guideline. Tag creation is limited to moderators (ie. me), but all members can add pre-existing tags to new and old entries. It's going to take a long time to go back through all 1000+ (HOLY CRAP, YOU GUYS) posts on the comm and tag them all, so I'd like to ask you all to help out and tag YOUR OWN posts with type and rating (if applicable) and author tag. If what you wrote/drew was a response for a kink meme prompt, there is also a tag for that!

Now, about the author tags. Using the deancastiel comm as an example, I have added 28 author tags. If your username starts with A, you use the 'authors: a' tag. There's a tag for all 26 letters, an underscore, and numbers. For now, please use these as you make posts or as you go back and tag old posts. But! If you have posted at least 3 times to this comm, comment here with links to them and I will make you your own author tag. I know this is pretty time consuming, but it'll help to organize our comm better. Even if you don't feel like going back and doing this, I will be doing it myself (slowly but surely), but if you'd like it done faster, please do so yourself.

ALSO! Like I said above, I've only added basic tags. Feel free to suggest more if you think they're needed! I didn't add genre tags, but if you think the comm should use them, please let me know! I did not and probably will not add character or pairing tags, though, because this is the EAMES/ARTHUR comm, and the pairing should be obvious. Secondary characters/pairings do not necessarily need tags, but if there is a huge demand for them, I will reconsider.

Once again: if you have posted at least 3 times to this comm, comment here with links to them and I will make you your own author tag. This applies if you've posted three fics, three icon batches, three art dumps, a mix of things (one fic, two icon batches) for a total of three, etc. This does not apply, however, if you were just asking questions/starting discussions.
Tags: !admin post, !comm discussion, !mod post, !suggestions, authors: #, authors: _, authors: a, authors: b, authors: c, authors: d, authors: e, authors: f, authors: g, authors: h, authors: i, authors: j, authors: k, authors: l, authors: m, authors: n, authors: o, authors: p, authors: q, authors: r, authors: s, authors: t, authors: u, authors: v, authors: w, authors: x, authors: y, authors: z, genre: action/adventure, genre: angst, genre: au, genre: crack, genre: crossover, genre: dark/tragedy, genre: drama, genre: fluff/schmoop, genre: fusion, genre: gen, genre: h/c, genre: humor, genre: poetry, genre: post-movie, genre: pre-movie, genre: pre-slash, genre: pwp, genre: romance, genre: smut, genre: unrequited, prompt: kink meme, rating: g, rating: nc-17, rating: none, rating: pg, rating: pg-13, rating: r, type: discussion, type: fanart, type: fanfiction, type: fanmix, type: fanvid, type: ficmix, type: icons, type: manips, type: meta, type: other, type: picspam, type: podfic, type: poll, type: recs, type: request, type: rpf, type: wallpaper, type: web graphics, word count: 100 or less, word count: 1000-4999, word count: 10000-19999, word count: 101-999, word count: 20000 and up, word count: 5000-9999, word count: wip
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