inny or outy (innueneko) wrote in eames_arthur,
inny or outy

omg my sock garter fetish (fan art)

Title: let's keep these on shall we?
Rating: R (NSFW!!!)
Summary: Okay so first it was gun holsters, now it's freaking SOCK GARTERS. My Arthur + clothing accessory kink continues... *_* I couldn't help it, weatherfront and jibrailis totally egged me on with DELICIOUS snippets of porn.


omg I'm going to hell again! 8D B-but I was double teamed with PORN so...


It all started when I said ARTHUR + SOCK GARTERS and then weatherfront was like:

"For a man of twenty-nine," says Eames, "you're extremely flexible."

Arthur's cheeks are flushed, but he grits his teeth and doesn't look away when he says, "Comes in handy on the job."

"Is this your day job that I know about?" asks Eames. "Because I'm pretty sure that doesn't require you to bend like this."

He pushes Arthur's leg just a little further and Arthur's knee presses into his own collarbone, thigh a long stretch against his chest. Arthur's fingers twitch on the armrests of the chair.

"Stop being such a fucking tease," spits Arthur.

Eames slides his hand down the bare length of Arthur's calf, brushing light over the sock garter. It's a stark band of black elastic, and against Arthur's flesh, it makes him look even paler than he is. Eames slides his fingers underneath it, rubs the pad of his thumb over the hot skin he finds there.

"Do you like binding yourself up like this?" asks Eames.

"It's not-- I'm not--" splutters Arthur, "my socks would fall down--"

Eames doesn't answer, just bends his head over the outside of Arthur's leg, and takes the garter clasp between his teeth. He licks the metal of it, tugging at it so that it pulls against the sock, stretching the material taut over the arch of Arthur's foot. He feels the burn of Arthur's eyes on him.

"Let's keep these on," says Eames, "shall we?"

AND THEN jibrailis went:

Arthur's legs are crooked over Eames' shoulders as Eames surges into him. Arthur squeezes his eyes shut and his breath goes askew with every thrust, all the while Eames' fingers cradle the line of the garter, slipping underneath the elastic and touching Arthur's skin. The scrape of Eames' nail against the pressure of the elastic, the sight of Eames' burnished skin against the stark blackness of the lace, the feel of Eames' cock sliding smoothly over Arthur's prostate -- and it's too much.

Arthur makes a strangled sound.

"I'm going to keep you like this," Eames promises in a low hush, nudging his cheek against Arthur's sock as he drives his hips further. "I'm going to keep you like this forever."

Arthur makes a decision then, inasmuch as he can when he's coming his brains out all over his stomach.

He's never going barefoot again.

Tags: author: innueneko, rating: r, type: fanart
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