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dream a little bigger, darling

Eames/Arthur slash comm
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Eames/Arthur Community

general policies
• All Eames/Arthur or Arthur/Eames-related fanworks are allowed here.
• SOME Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Tom Hardy (or vice versa) RPS fanworks are allowed, if they are somehow related to their work on Inception. Fanworks involving the actors' characters from other films are NOT acceptable for this community (which is Eames/Arthur- and Inception-centric). If a fanwork is an Arthur/Eames AU/fusion/crossover into those films' universes, that is acceptable, as long as the characters focused on are actually Arthur and Eames.
• Please follow basic rules of politeness - don't bash other peoples' works, put long/NSFW posts behind a cut, and please make the proper warnings for anything you post.
• This is a comm for a pairing, not a comm to bash every pairing but this one. That goes along with the rules of politeness mentioned above. Let the fans of other pairings have their fun, please.
• Since the movie has been out for over a year now, and it's assumed that if you're posting/reading this comm, you have already seen the film, we do not have a spoiler policy. Because this is a single movie, not a television or book series with new episodes/books coming out regularly, you do not have to warn for spoilers.
• While all kinds of film and character discussion is allowed and encouraged, this is not the place for introduction posts. They don't stimulate discussion and are very one-note, and we don't want a bunch of them clogging up the community. Don't post just to say hello unless you have a question, want to start a discussion, or have something else to share.

If you have any questions/suggestions, please contact oceansex via message and I'll be glad to help you out.
posting format & tags
All submitted fanfiction/fanart must use, at the bare minimum, the following things in the header of their posts:

Word Count:
(if applicable)

Optional parts of the header are:

Pairings or Characters:
Author's Note:

When you are posting, please use the appropriate tags as well. You should use an author tag, either your own designated author tag or one of the general authors tags. You need to have a type of submission tag, indicating what kind of fanwork it is. If you are posting discussion, use the 'type: discussion' tag, if you're posting an advertisement for another comm, use the 'type: other' tag, etc. Because some people like to check the comm at school and work and other places where things of a certain rating are inappropriate, you MUST add a rating tag. Also, any and all NSFW material must be behind an lj-cut. When submitting fanfiction, please use the appropriate word count tag to help us stay organized. The use of genre and kink tags (ie. angst, h/c, romance) is optional, but recommended.
author tags
If you have posted 3 or more times to the community (not including polls, discussions, questions, rec requests, advertisements, etc.) please provide links to them in a comment at this post, and I will make you your own author tag. If you have less than three contributions, however, use one of the general 'authors: (first letter of your username)' tags.

If you'd like to affiliate or advertise here at eames_arthur, please send me a pm at chosenfire28!
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